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1. Square Moon (Hegarty, Reynolds)
2. Fuck it’s Cold (Reynolds) additional lyrics - Bratton
3. Give Me Love (Reynolds)
4. Only Yesterday (Muldaur, Reynolds)
5. Inspiration (Jones, Reynolds)
6. Back on the Starting Line (Reynolds)
7. Missing You by Miles (Reynolds)
8. Times Square (Reynolds)
9. O My Aching Heart (Reynolds)

Songs 2, 3, 6, 7, 8
Anton Fier- drums/rhythm
Irwin Fisch - piano, hammond organ, mellotron and string orchestrations
Grey McMurray - acoustic and electric guitars, textures and ambiences
Tony Scherr - basses, electric wah wah guitar and additional rhythm guitar on Back on the Starting Line

Jim Campilongo - lead guitar on Back on the Starting Line
Larry Saltzman - acoustic 12 string and noise rhythm guitar on Give Me Love, additional electric guitar on Fuck It’s Cold

Background Vocals:
Michelle Casillas
Lianne Smith
Grey McMurray

Produced by Anton Fier
Recorded by Yohei Goto at One East Recording, NY
Special thanks: Matt Wells

Songs 1, 4, 5, 9
Tony Berg - guitar 4, 5, 9
Barry Reynolds - guitar 1, 4, 9
Sebastian Steinberg - bass 1, 4, 9
Michael Urbano - drums 1, 4, 9
Patric Warren - keyboards

Armand Hirsch - guitar, bass, drums, tabla on Inspiration
Jimi Zhivago - guitar on Inspiration

Background vocals:
Z Berg on Square Moon

Produced by Tony Berg
Recorded at Apogee Studio, Zeitgeist
Engineer - Brandon Duncan

Mixed by Bob Clearmountain
Assisted by Sergio Ruelas, Jr.

Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering

Special thanks to Martin Kloiber, and all friends and family involved.